Tea Industry

Tea planters use tea sorting machines to sort out various types of tea leaves, so that they can be graded and blended according to their quality. Tea sorting machine uses compressed air for its sorting process as the compressed air is able to sift out big leaves from small ones and so on.

Moisture Problems

Moisture (Condensation or water vapour) in Compressed air stream leads to:

  • Increased downtime and maintenance costs of Pneumatic controls.
  • Rust and scale formation within pipelines
  • Sluggish and inconsistent operation of air valves and cylinders
  • Freezing in exposed lines during cold weather
  • Malfunctioning of Tea sorting machines

In addition, the compressed air existing from the sorting machine must be moisture free and clean as tea leaves being highly hygroscopic, absorb moisture from the compressed air leading to loss of aroma and flavour.

Dry, quality compressed air is an absolute must for tea sorting machines.

Tea Industry

The Delair Solution

The only positive means of moisture removal from the compressed air stream is the installation of an air dryer. Water vapour can economically be removed by two methods; one is cooling the air and the other method is by adsorption.

Delair offers a wide range of both refrigeration dryers and adsorption dryers for all your needs.

For general plant and instrumentation air where requirement is between 3°C PDP to 6°C PDP, delair refrigeration dryers, – FDI Series, does the job.

If the application requires extra dry air and PDP below 2°C then delair has a large range of adsorption Dryers – DC Series and engineered systems.


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