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Mr. Deepak Pahwa the director of Delair India and Chairman of Pahwa Group. The Pahwa Group, where innovation is life, is the fastest growing Adsorption Technology Group in the world. Under his leadership, the group has filed 132 patent applications for 13 new technologies, at national and international level, 57 of which have already been allowed / granted.

In 1979, he set up the first company in the group, Arctic India Sales, introducing dehumidification in India. Subsequently, he set-up Bry-Air (Asia), Desiccant Rotors International, Delair India and Technical Drying services.

An alumnus of IT-BHU, Mr. Pahwa has been honored with several awards, including the “Leadership Award 2013” by IACC for his dynamic leadership. He was also awarded a “National Award 2011 in Research & Development” in (Medium Enterprise) by MSME, the “IT-BHU Alumni Lifetime

Achievement Award 2009-10”, and also the “Entrepreneur Of The Year Award” in 1987 in the SME entrepreneur category, to name just a few.

Mr. Pahwa is a Fellow, ASHRAE (American Society of Heating, Refrigeration and Air conditioning Engineers) and serves on several technical committees of ASHRAE. A life member of ASHRAE as well as ISHRAE, he has been recognized and honored by various industry associations for his contribution in enhancing India’s role in providing the best in the next class technologies from India to the world. He has also introduced many new technologies in field of dehumidification, IAQ and many others in India since 1979. He has played an active role in connecting the European Air-conditioning federation, REHVA, to the Indian industry.

Currently, he is the Chairman, Committee on Innovation, PHD Chamber and also serves on the Chamber’s Managing Committee. He has also served as the National President, Indo-American Chamber of Commerce. He has also served as the Convener, FICCI MSME Committee.

He is an advocate of collaborative work for advancing knowledge and works with the specialists, in the field of Adsorption and airgineering technologies, in the academia as well as the industry experts, not only from India but all over the world including Japan, Singapore, Korea, Turkey, Europe and USA.

With almost 50 years of experience in engineering & marketing of HVAC&R, Airgineering & Environmental Control Technologies, his success mantra is “Innovation is Life “. He believes that with the right amount of inspiration, encouragement and knowledge, ordinary people can achieve extraordinary work.

He has institutionalized innovation within the organization so that every employee learns to be an innovator and rewarded for their contribution

For the industry at large, through the Bry-Air Learning Initiative, BALI, he has initiated study tours for engineering students to visit ACREX to enhance their knowledge and understanding. The Bry-Air Awards for Excellence in HVAC&R instituted in 2005 to recognize innovative work done within the Indian HVAC&R industry was organized as an annual program for 10 years, till 2015.

For the Society at large, Mr. Pahwa, taking inspiration from his grandfather, Padma Shri, Rai Bahadur Dr. Mathra Das Pahwa, a renowned Eye surgeon and a dedicated philanthropist, Mr. Pahwa has mandated through the group’s CSR initiatives work on providing education, skill development health & hygiene and opportunities in sports for enriching the lives of the underprivileged and differently abled. Another focus area is working towards environmental sustainability, both through the technologies being introduced as well the contributions and support provided to environmentalists.


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