Delair India, a Pahwa Group company, specializes in designing, engineering and manufacturing of Compressed Air and Gas Drying Systems. Delair manufactures Refrigeration and Desiccant Dryer.


At Delair continuous product improvement is based on strong R&D and technology upgradation. Delair products are strictly designed and manufactured as per International Standards.


Delair India is an ISO 9001:2015 certified company. Delair Refrigeration Dryers are eco friendly and CE certified. Delair also have HTRI and ASME U Stamp Certificate.

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Compressed Air Systems should be designed for just the right quality of air at the most economical costs. Delair has a wide range of Dryers for all your needs.


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Latest News

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Power Plants
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Quality Compressed Air – Checking the perils of moisture in power plants

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Dry Compressed Air – Enhancing the medicine life cycle

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09 Apr

Bry-Air and DRI set up vaccination camps for employees and workers

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Delair India
18 Oct

Launched Desiccant Dryer – DD-Series

Delair launched Desiccant Dryer – DD-Series

Refrigeration Dryer
18 Oct

Launched Refrigeration Dryer – RD-Series

Delair launched refrigeration dryer RD-Series

1st Gas Dryer Supplied
03 Aug

1st Gas Dryer supplied

Delair manufactured and supplied CBM – Methane Gas Dryer to Essar….

03 Aug

Puriflair India has a merger with Delair India

Puriflair India has merged with Delair India to become one strong…

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