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29 Oct

Quality Compressed Air: Amplifying India’s pharmaceutical supremacy internationally

Deepak Pahwa, Director | Publish Industry India | October 2023

India has firmly established itself as a global pharmaceutical powerhouse over the years. Our pharmaceutical industry has grown by leaps and bounds, evolving into a robust sector that supplies high-quality medicines and vaccines to countries across the globe. 

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18 Oct

Interview: Spicos Chemical

Deepak Pahwa, Director, Delair | SPICOS Magazine | October 2022

Mr. Deepak Pahwa’s interview talking about Compressed Air Treatment Solutions and role of Delair across varied industries as appeared in SPICOS magazine.

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Power Plants
28 Sep

Quality Compressed Air – Checking the perils of moisture in power plants

Deepak Pahwa, Director, Delair | Manufacturing Today | September 2022

Regardless of whether an industrial manufacturing process generates or consumes thermal energy, there is a high likelihood of moisture accumulation. Insight by Deepak Pahwa on the need of quality compressed air.

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29 Jul

Dry Compressed Air – Enhancing the medicine life cycle

Deepak Pahwa, Director, Delair | Healthvision | July 2022

Dry compressed air finds Irreplaceable application in the entire processing. manufacturing. and packaging of pharmaceutical products with enhancing the medicine life cycle. Moisture can potentially threaten the
production efficiency and quality of the end products.

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27 Jul

Dry Compressed Air – An essential prescription for the pharmaceutical industry

Deepak Pahwa, Director, Delair | MicribiozIndia | July 2022

Quality compressed air is an essential factor in providing the necessary framework to the pharmaceutical industry. It powers a wide gamut of processing, manufacturing, and packaging operations that requires pneumatic processes. Manufacturing of tablets and capsules for giving the right texture, color, and flavor. Maintaining the right balance of the ingredients, dry compressed air goes way beyond in addition to the above-stated functions and inhibits the contamination prospects of the products and furnishes high-quality end products meeting the highest industry standards.


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