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Pharmaceutical Industry
25 Apr

Compressed Air: Essential Utility For Pharma Industry

Deepak Pahwa, Director, Delair | Business World | April 2022

To address the issue of moisture, it must be ensured that the compressed air used in the various pharmaceutical processes is free from any form of contaminants like moisture/water, oil fumes, dust particles or any form of solid contaminants

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Desiccant Dryer for Pharmaceutical
12 Feb

How Compressed Air Plays a Crucial Role in the Pharmaceutical Industry

Deepak Pahwa, Director, Delair | Bio Pharma World | January 2022

As per the Indian Pharmaceuticals Industry report, India Holds the 3rd position across the world in pharmaceutical production. The domestic pharmaceutical industry has a network of around 10,500 manufacturing units, with 3,000 drug companies in India. With such broad horizons, there has been a debate that not only large companies, but smaller firms also need to comply with the uncompromised quality of the products. With such a large market share at stake, pharma manufacturers must uphold the highest of standards.