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Delair  is a leader in Compressed air dryer for pneumatic conveying industry. Pneumatic conveying systems creates pressure along a pipeline and moving a bulk material along with the air as the air moves towards the area of lower pressure. Applications range from food to poison, from light fumed silica to heavy powdered metals. However, all of these applications have one thing in common, the necessity to control the conveying velocity in order to control particle degradation, conveying pipe wear, minimize air consumption or eliminate pipe line plugging.

Delair dryer can used for following types of pneumatic conveying systems :
  • Pneumatic conveying system which have two inlets that is manufactured using high grade raw material and serves as the most versatile and speedy method of transferring bulk material within a defined area. The selection of the method depends on the type of material, its characteristics, distances involved and environmental attributes. The systems are designed for specific conveying applications and can be used in various industries including cement, sugar and pharmaceutical. Delair also provides dryers for ash conveying system and powder conveying system.
  • Air lift type pneumatic conveying system that provide compact, economical, dust free and closed operation and used to handle variety of materials. It is sturdily constructed and features durable performance, trouble free operation and very low maintenance. Various free flowing materials that are in granular or powder form are handled in bulk quantities. The system is specially designed to use in food processing and feed milling industry.
  • Pneumatic conveying screw feeding system which is suitable for all type of powder products such as spices, milk powder, pesticides and many more. The feeding system is used to feed the material in the upper hopper of the machine. Designed and fabricated using quality material in compliance with industrial standards, the feeding system is perfectly balanced for smooth operation. Easy to install and operate, our range of feeding system is high in performance and low in maintenance
  • Pneumatic conveying that is designed and fabricated in-line with set industrial standards. The sturdily constructed system is high in strength, durability and functionality. It supports various heavy duty operations and can withstand adverse working conditions. It is used in various industries for different applications.

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