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Delpet Dryers


Delpet Dryers

Delpet Compressed Air Dryers are specially designed for PET Bottle manufacturing process. Compressed air is used to blow the bottles/containers to the desired shape and size.

How Does it work ?

Delair Refrigeration Dryers operate at high pressure upto 40 bar on the method of cooling the air to near freezing point to remove the moisture and the cold dry air is reheated by incoming air to approximately 10°C below the incoming compressed air temperature at nominal conditions. 

The dryer consists of an air drying unit with centrifugal cum demister pad condensate separator and a refrigeration circuit. The refrigeration circuit consists mainly of a compressor, a condenser, a receiver, a vapour liquid accumulator with liquid refrigerant and an evaporator. The air drying unit consists of two kinds of heat exchangers, one is air to air heat exchangers and second is refrigerant to air heat exchangers.

The Heart of the system is the special foamed in, patented Heat Exchanger which makes it outperform other Dryers

The function of the air to air heat exchanger is to lower the load on the refrigerant system and secondly by warming the outgoing cold air pipelines to the required temperature.

The refrigerant to air heat exchanger(s) further cools the air to the required temperature thus condensing the water vapour from the air, which is automatically drained.

Key Features
  • Available in 17 standard models
  • Capacities from 18 m3/hr to 850 m3/hr
  • Microprocessor based Delsmart colour LED card to readout dewpoint, operating status, fault indication
  • Provides pressure dewpoints down to 4°C to 6°C
  • Unique, patented, foamed in heat exchanger. Heat exchanger may vary from model to model
  • Outstanding performance from other dryers
  • Certified reliable performance and compact design



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