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Compressed Air

March 29, 2011


Delair is a leader in compressed air treatment. Though you might not realize it, compressed air affects each and every one of us everyday. Compressed air is used widely throughout industry and is often considered the “fourth utility” at many facilities. Almost every industrial plant , from a small machine shop to an immense pulp and paper mill , has some type of compressed air system. In many cases, the compressed air system can vary in size from a small unit of 5 horse power to huge systems with more than 50000 hp.

The quality of compressed air varies from application to application. For many application compressed air should be dry and clean. For dry compressed air, air dyers are considered. Delair India is a technology leader in compressed air drying. We manufacture Compressed Air dryers that help remove unwanted moisture, including water and oil vapor, from compressed air sources.

Compressed air drying can be done by different types of air dryers like : Refrigeration dryer, Desiccant dryers and customized engineered air dryers. 

A desiccant dryer works on the principal of usage of a desiccant  to absorb moisture and oil found in the air supply. The benefits of desiccant dryers are their low cost and ease of installation. These types of dryers are recommended for small operations that see low or intermittent use for micro-abrasive blasting. These instrumentation air dryer can also be used for pet drying, pneumatic air drying. For painting purpose, paint booth dryers are used. Desiccant dryers are an excellent low cost solution for small scale or intermittent blasting.

Refrigeration dryer operates on the method of cooling the air to near freezing point to remove the moisture and reheating it to approximately 10°C below the incoming compressed air temperature at nominal conditions. For general plant air, dew points of 2°C to 4°C are considered adequate, well within the range of refrigeration dryers. Refrigeration type dryers use less energy and hence are lower in first and operating costs. The refrigeration type air dryer is a packaged self contained unit, fully automatic and produces a steady level of dew point. There is no regeneration cycle with complex valving, no periodic recharging of chemicals, oil in the air stream does not affect performance.

Customised / engineered adsorption dryers also works on the principal of usage of a desiccant  to absorb moisture and oil found in the air supply but it is designed and produced to the exact specification of the customer.

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