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Ash Handling Systems

March 29, 2011


Delair provides solutions for ash handling systems. Delair has been able to save production and energy cost for many thermal and cement plants by installing its wide range of Refrigeration, Adsorption Compressed Air Dryers and Customized / engineered air dryers. Some of the satisfied customers who have installed Delair Dryers in their manufacturing units include:

  • West Bengal Power Corporation Ltd
  • Indraprastha Power Station (Delhi)
  • Hindalco Industries Ltd
  • Ennore Thermal Power Station (Chennai)
  • NTPC

Moisture in the process of ash handling system may lead to:

  • Corrosion in pipes, ash intake valves, air intake valves and other components.
  • Increased downtime and maintenance costs of pneumatic controls.
  • Contamination and damage at points where the compressed air comes directly in contact with sensitive materials.
  • Rust and scale formation in pipelines, silos.
  • Sluggish and inconsistent operation of air valves.
  • Malfunctioning of pneumatic shutters.

Process of ash handling system

Bulk material is conveyed by air under pressure. This system offers advantages of conveying material from one point to another or to a number of discharge points. The system is composed of a blower or a fan, rotary lock, cyclone separator, divertor, piping and fittings bag filter. Pressure conveying system needs dry compressed air to transport dry fly ash from the surge hopper to the silo for ash storage. Here, the dry ash is mixed with the compressed air. Then mixture being conveyed through the pipeline which runs upto the storage silo where the ash is discharged and the air is released into the atmosphere after filtration. If moisture is present in the compressed air stream, the ash gets moistened, sticking to the sides of the pipeline leading to scale formation and corrosion of pipes.

Delair solution for ash handling system

Installation of refrigerated compressed air dryer can solve the problem of moisture in ash handling system. There can be tremendous saving of energy costs, if the compressed air is dried upto 2 to 5 °C PDP (Pressure Dew Point) I.e corresponding to (-) instead of (-) 20°C instead of -20°C PDP corresponding to (-) 40°C ADP respectively. For most cost effective removal of moisture from the compressed air stream, Delair engineers suggest installation of Refrigeration Type Dryers since in Heatless Type Dryers air is wasted for purges process for regeneration of the towers.

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