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Air Purification

March 29, 2011


Dry air is air that has no water vapor, no  moisture and no contaminated air  in it . Dry air is essential for the successful completion of many processes used in manufacturing and commercial applications. The air which comes out of air compressor contains contaminants which is harmful for many applications.

A company that needs moisture free air needs to consider three main things: what dry air equipment is available, what size equipment is needed for their purposes and how the equipment should be used.

Air purification of compressed can be done by Refrigeration dryer, Desiccant dryers and customized engineered air dryers. 

A desiccant dryer works on the principal of usage of a desiccant  to absorb moisture and oil found in the air supply. The benefits of desiccant dryers are their low cost and ease of installation. These types of dryers are recommended for small operations that see low or intermittent use for micro-abrasive blasting. These instrumentation air dryer can also be used for pet drying, pneumatic air drying. For painting purpose, paint booth dryers are used. Desiccant dryers are an excellent low cost solution for small scale or intermittent blasting.

Refrigeration dryer operates on the method of cooling the air to near freezing point to remove the moisture and reheating it to approximately 10°C below the incoming compressed air temperature at nominal conditions. For general plant air, dew points of 2°C to 4°C are considered adequate, well within the range of refrigeration dryers. Refrigeration type dryers use less energy and hence are lower in first and operating costs. The refrigeration type air dryer is a packaged self contained unit, fully automatic and produces a steady level of dew point. There is no regeneration cycle with complex valving, no periodic recharging of chemicals, oil in the air stream does not affect performance.

Customised / engineered adsorption dryers also works on the principal of usage of a desiccant  to absorb moisture and oil found in the air supply but it is designed and produced to the exact specification of the customer.

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