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Moisture Measurement

April 29, 2011


Delair is leading solution provider for moisture control. Delair dryers dries the air to control moisture. Moisture free can be achieved by Refrigeration dryer and  Desiccant dryers. Desiccant dryers are an excellent low cost solution for moisture control. A desiccant dryer employs the usage of silica gel to absorb moisture and oil found in the air supply. Refrigerant  dryer use refrigeration to remove moisture from compressed air by cooling the air near freezing point to remove the moisture and reheating it to approximately 100c below the incoming compressed air temperature at normal condition.

A moisture free process is the main motive of the every company. For moisture controlling different dew point analyzer is used.

Dew point is the temperature at which moisture present in air condensed to form water droplets. Moisture in the compressed air  is undesirable as it can cause damage to pneumatic process, product and instruments which can cause huge loss to the industries. Air, compressed air and gases are used in all areas of industry.

Moisture is normally undesirable because it can cause mechanical damage, corrosion or adhesion of the material, which can increase the operating costs or even impair the quality of the end product.

The international standard ISO 8573 defines seven classes of compressed air quality based on moisture content, oil content and particle content. The main way of reaching and ensuring compliance with a quality class involves installing a suitable dryer. Pressure dew point transmitters / switches are used to monitor the dryer and its results.

In refrigeration dryer moisture measurement can be done by temperature indicator further it can me measure through online dew point measurement.

In desiccant dryers moisture measurement can be done through online dew point measurement.

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