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Desiccant Delsorb

April 29, 2011


DELSORB 10 is one of the major adsorbent/ desiccant used world wide for moisture removal, purification and other treatments. A highly porous form of aluminum oxide, it works both under static and dynamic conditions.

Delair desiccant air dryers use delsorb 10 and delsorb 21 desiccant for adsorption.


  • DELSORB is manufactured under strict quality control conditions with continuous monitoring of process parameters. It is rolled and compacted on specially designed machines to impart much better shock and abrasion resistance.
  • Sphericity is a unique feature of Delsorb which imparts low pressure drop and long cycle operation stability as well as long replacement intervals.
  • Apart from this, unique thermal processing develops good pore volume and pore size which permits continuous large volume of gas in the same cycle, thus causing economical operation.
  • Being highly inert and non-toxic it does not react with majority of liquid and gases and is not
  • affected by water even when soaked or dipped in it.


DELSORB 10 is available in the form of balls in the size range of 5-8 mm.

Specific requirements of ball size can be fulfilled as per the requirements of customers


A customer buys a product to solve a problem and satisfy a need. No product is worth selling if it is not able to solve problems of the customer and deliver outstanding satisfaction. We at DELAIR, always look forward to understand the problems and pains of the customers related to quality, pricing, delivery, application and try our best to bring out solutions which help customers get rid of their troubles.

DELSORB is just a mode to know more about how we can add profits to customer’s business. Please share your needs related to Delsorb in order to share our experiences with you and deliver you services as desired.

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