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Compressed Air Dryer Accessories

March 29, 2011


Delair India is a technology leader in compressed air drying. We manufacture Air dryers that help remove unwanted moisture, including water and oil vapor, from compressed air sources.

Compressed air drying can be done by Refrigeration dryer and  Desiccant dryers. For complete process of air drying, accessories are also used. Following are the accessories used in air drying process :

Pre Filters : Delair air filters protects compressed air dryers, pneumatic equipment and instrumentation by removing oil, dust particles, rust and other type of contaminates present in compressed air.

After Cooler : It acts as inter cooler to reduce the temperature of air. Delair has two type of after coolers :

Water Cooled : compressed air leaving the compressor is hot and full of moisture. Delair after coolers installed at the compressor outlet rapidly cool this hot compressed air to reduce the moisture load on the downstream equipments.

Air cooled : Air cooled after cooler cools incoming compressed air using an axial flow electric fan, which draws air from the atmosphere and passes it through a fin and tube type heat exchanger.

Air Receiver : Delair receivers maintain the air pressure and delivers it when the compressor is not running, and also serves as a air tank, pressure vessel, pulsation damper and moisture trap.

Moisture Separator : Designed with inbuilt cyclonic separator with demistar pad it removes  bulk of  water and oil from compressed air stream.

Auto Drain valves : The entrainment of condensate along with air flow in compressed air system to end use applications are extremely harmful, if system not drained regularly.  Drain are of two types : Automatic drain and manual drain. The ideal solution for regular effective draining  moisture form compressed Air System is  Auto Drain Valves. Delair have three types of auto drain valve :

  • EO series – Electronic timer based drain
  • BF series – Level sensing ball float type drain valve
  • ZL series – zero air loss drain

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